Awesome Problem Remover

I have to say, this one really made me think. I saw a photo shared of a special spray bottle to take the monsters away! Using a standard spray bottle , stickers were added, and a sign that says ‘Monster Spray’.

You give it to your children, ….and it WORKS!

What’s going on here?

This is beyond interesting, I think there are lessons here.

She loves her children, but this doesn’t really kill monsters.

Do monsters even exist?

So what gives?

What problem is addressed here, and how does Mom/Dad do this?

This loving, wise parent used humor, parental trust, and reassurance all mixed in to alleviate her children’s fears. Can you see them giggling as they spray away the monsters under the bed, and in the closet!

I remember being afraid for my arm to flop over the side of my bed at night because of spiders! My cousin Gloria always told us midgets the scariest ghost stories right before bed ( the opposite of monster-spray, I’d say).

My take-away lesson is not all problems are a trip to a professional.

Love, kindness, humor and reassurance goes along way.


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