Get Ready to Go! Step 1.

Assuming you had joined CLB (Contact List Builder),
And you are following the 3 step Ready Set Go Marketing System, this is what you would find in step 1: Set Up Your Autoresponder.
You can join here free:

Wouldn’t you LOVE a system that actually gets you up and running for the first time?
Actually pulling in leads, and emailing out to them automatically, to turn those leads into paying customers, for the FIRST TIME perhaps?
Well, YEAH BABY, you say…. Smile…CLB system!
Maybe like me you are tired of products you bought, with good money that are just like broken links!
They don’t work, because they don’t lead anywhere!
You may be a veteran, for whom setting up an autoresponder like Aweber or a GVO autoresponder is routine or easy.
But if not, the step by step instructions are all here. With videos. You can pause the video, do a step, and come back!

You can get started too:

Going through it that way gives you the ‘visuals’ many of us need.
But even if you are a practiced veteran or pro, you will delight in the straight-forward directions.
Even more, you will be impressed that the whole thing is connected to an excellent system that works, to really good products and a sustainable system that is going to grow for you!
You will know this because you will try the products yourself.
You will benefit from them first.
Your confidence will grow.
You will KNOW that others will like them, and want to use them too!
This is KLT in action ( Know Like and Trust)!
All of this points up the value of learning from someone like Janet Legere ( who is like her, I don’t know!), and her long-time Partner, Don Legere.
Do you see?
This is duplicatable.
You can do it, the next person can do it.
You are on to something! 

As I have mentioned before, the Ready Set Go Marketing System used here in the CLB system, walks you through each step.
You literally print the Ready Set Go Marketing 3 Step Quick Start Guide, and check them off as you go!
The guide is short, very clear, and gives you EACH step in order!
Print the guide, and follow the steps.
If you would like to get started, copy/paste the link:

You are on your way!
Again, next time, more specific information, about step 2 is coming.

Best regards success to you!
Rick Garcia
CLB Founding Member

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