Get Ready to Go! Step 2

Have you followed the link to join CLB ( Contact List Builder), yet?
It is free to join, and you can take the system for a test drive.
Then you can follow the 3 step Ready Set Go Marketing System.
If you haven’t had a chance to do o yet, please do so using the following link.
You won’t be sorry.

Before I said: ‘Wouldn’t you LOVE a system that actually gets you up and running for the first time?’
Well would you?
I think the answer is yes.
And as you know, if you continue to do only what you did before, you will get the saem results.
Janet Legere has a proven track record of results, training and coaching.
So you may feel you only want to work with a winner, with proven results?
That’s exactly what you’re getting here.

It’s free, you won’t be asked a ton of questions, just a simple sign up screen to get you going.
You can get started here:

As I have mentioned before, the Ready Set Go Marketing System used here in the CLB system, walks you through each step.
You literally print the Ready Set Go Marketing 3 Step Quick Start Guide, and check them off as you go!
The guide is short, very clear, and gives you EACH step in order!
Print the guide, and follow the steps.
If you would like to get started, click or copy/paste the link:

You are on your way!
Again, next time, more in the next blog post.
Oh, and I’d love to hear from you about what you think.
I am available, and you can write me at the email before.

Best regards success to you!
Rick Garcia
CLB Founding Member

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