Imagine Your Goal Before You Step

Hello to you from the Gold Coast, in beautiful Southern California. I am at the beach near the Ventura Harbor, Ventura, California.
Writing this blog post this morning from this beautiful place, because the beauty of this place, the special nature of this location, can stand for or symbolize the destination, the goal you want to reach.
How so?
This ‘perfect place’, ‘beautiful spot’ in Ventura California might be the perfect ‘destination’ for many! What is your selected destination?
Is that crystal clear to you?
Who wouldn’t want to live here, on the Gold Coast?
It has physical beauty, the string of Channel Islands not far off the coastline, the beaches, surfing, fish tacos, Tony’s Pizza, gorgeous weather, and so much much more, a very desirable place to live or end up!
Sticking to the comparison….
Millions, literally, from everywhere around the globe, aspire , no DREAM to live or end up here, exactly here, in this very spot and nowhere else!
You have heard of them, Ellen, Oprah, and what about Bernie Taupin, Uber- super successful british song-writing partner to Elton John, who incidentally always had a dream for the ‘western lifestyle’- that he envisioned. Believe it or not! He came to live here, just a few miles north of here along the spectacular California coastline in the Santa Ynez valley, where he purchased a sprawling equestrian estate of nearly 30 acres.
He purchased a dream-ranch, where he could do his song-writing, and painting in his studio in seclusion there just a few miles north from this very spot.
Doesn’t that PERFECTLY picture, summarize and ‘symbolize’ the very thing you want- an ideal destination for You?
Just imagine yourself there.
Where is your destination?
To get there, YOU MUST HAVE A GOAL. Write it down, spell it out specifically, before you step!
For example, when you use Google Maps, or the GPS on your mobile, what is the first thing you input?
Your destination of course!
That is the first step to getting there, it is essential, you can’t leave that step out? Correct?
If you did, imagine that?
Failure? Disaster? Getting lost?
At least one if not all three outcomes.
Instead of reaching your goal place, or dream destination are you frustrated? Stuck?
If you have been working hard, but no clearly defined goal, that happens.
Similarly, you MUST write your goals down, and have a plan before you take the first step!
Is your dream for your family?
An income goal?
A retirement goal?
Do you SEE IT? Picture it in your mind? Is it Crystal clear?
Can you image a ‘destination’ a ‘place’, that is perfect for you and yours, like this place, the Gold Coast of California…comparable, because it has all the qualities, just so, just like the Gold Coast?
This Gold Coast dream ‘place’ is like a template then, an image, that we can use mentally, as a perfect copy to imitate, to model from for you.
Remember the things that made up your dream? That you selected from the start….for yourself?
What will help you to reach your goal?
Imagine it, picture it, create a dream wall of photos, scrapbook it, make it your screen-saver…etc.
Then you reverse-engineer it.
You , must have a goal, and write it down.
Your plan MUST have a destination or goal BEFORE you begin!
You can totally do this! Yes you can! Today!
Imagine that……

I think it is perfectly appropriate to embark on this trek together!
Here, on my blog, I will share my dreams and struggles.
I will show you many of the free tools I am using that you can test out, along with product reviews too.
I would love to get your feedback.
Here is to stacking up and building with solid gold bricks of opportunity!
This is Rick Garcia here from the Gold Coast, in Sunny Southern California!
Signing Out!
Reach me at
Or 805-394-8266

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