Ready, Set Go Marketing System Works For You!

One of the things I love the most about CLB is that it brings focus to all my marketing efforts.

I am learning step by step, and implementing as I go and seeing real progress.

It is EXCITING! Really exciting.

I have found Janet Legere’s trainings always focus on the ‘main thing’ I need, what we all need: to build our list!

How do they do that? By  using the Ready, Set Go Marketing system. You can too.

Using the Ready, Set Go Marketing system is going to help you do just that. Step by step, in easy to ‘eat’ , digest and implement bites!

You can do it!

I am going to focus on this and do a series of upcoming posts to explain what the Ready Set Go Marketing system is, right here, so come back,  and I  will detail how it is going to help you accomplish YOUR goals.

Janet says:

‘Here it is in the simplest of explanations: I am going to show you how to set up an autoresponder and create a lead capture page and then I will show you how to advertise it. Not only show you, I give you everything you need to build your list and get results fast’. CLB Training, Janet Legere

Among the early steps, you will set up your email and your profile.

Great basics. This stuff HAS TO BE IN PLACE. Like oxygen and blood to the body, your business cannot survive without email, and autoresponder to build your list!

You gotta have it!

But it’s fun to do it, complete the steps and see your business gowing!

That’s what  it is all about!

OK, calm down. Breathe, I got a little hyped up there.

A sports analogy is coming: in American baseball, teams use a strategy called ‘small ball’. That is they are powerfully effective at the basics: running and hitting, stealing bases, getting onboard any way they possibly can, such as sacrifice fly balls ( not even considered a hit). Amazing! The 2014 Baseball World Series was between 2 teams that excelled at small ball tactics. The San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals.

It was a battle ‘royal’.. pun intended.

That’s how they got there to the World Series in the first place, small  ball, and the winner in game 7, taking the ‘whole enchilada’, winning the World Series was the team, the San Francisco Giants that each day, ran and hit the ball consistently. At one point the giants went many innings scoring runs and winning games without getting hits!

How did they do that? They made basic contact with the ball, got on base, stole more bases and did that so consistently they won!

So what does that mean to you? The BEST TEAMS IN THE WORLD, play effective, consistent ‘small ball’ and they achieve world-class results like no one else!

That  is EXACTLY what you will learn to do: be great at the basics of email marketing, doing so consistently and watch your business grow, score and WIN!!

Be on the lookout here for the next in the series. Right here.

I will detail all of the steps of the Ready Set Go Marketing system how it works, and how you can get started.

With CLB and the Ready Set Go Marketing system, you can 1) learn from legends in the business, 2) get and use the same steps they do for success 3) play very effective ‘small ball’ marketing  tactics and build a winner!

The cost is minimal, but the investment in your business is INVALUABLE.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to hearing your comments.

Rick Garcia

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